To schedule your Winterization appointment please email us or call the office at 203-371-9988.

On the week of your appointment, we are asking that you turn off the water in your house to the irrigation system. This will eliminate the need for us to enter your home, in most cases.

If you have an intelligent irrigation controller, you do not need to do anything further.

Your irrigation water shut-off is usually located in the basement. Here are some steps to help you locate the water shut-off.
1. Look for the backflow on the outside of house.
2. Go inside to the place where your backflow went into the house – usually in the basement.
3. Look for a lever, it should be marked with a “Green-Lawn Irrigation” tag.
4. Turn off the water
If you still can’t locate your shut-off, we will have to enter your house to shut-off the water.

Thank you!
Ed Firgeleski & the whole Green-Lawn Irrigation team