Spring Startup

We will open and perform a full check of your system and get you ready to irrigate your property. We can schedule openings any time after the danger of frost is gone and leave you ready to start your system when you feel the time is right.


We will close your system and drain it of water to eliminate the risk of the system freezing over the winter and breaking crucial parts of the system. We can schedule winterizing starting mid-September through November. Opening the system starts beginning to mid-April (after the risk of ground freezing is over).

System Installation

Green-Lawn Irrigation provides a professional irrigation system. All of our installed systems meet or exceed all local and state codes. Using the latest techniques, Green-Lawn will provide proper water coverage for all types of landscapes.

Backflow Prevention

Green-Lawn Irrigation services and repairs all types of backflow preventers. A backflow preventer prevents debris from the irrigation system from entering the public or household water supply. A Backflow preventer is required by the state of Connecticut. If your irrigation system does not currently include a backflow preventer it can easily be added.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation provides plants with a direct and specific watering schedule. By using a drip method, the soil takes in the water directly ensuring the root of the plant gets enough water to grow. Drip irrigation that is installed in a mulched landscape will stay moist longer and require less water. If your irrigation system does not currently include any drip systems, they can easily be added.

Sprinkler Heads

Green-Lawn irrigation installs, and services all types of sprinkler heads. Many different types of heads provide specific watering for the application a hand. Rotary heads are used to provide watering for large areas such as grass. When installing sprinkler heads Green-Lawn uses a method called Head to Head Coverage. Head to Head Coverage provides the area with even water coverage. Mist heads are used in close areas to provide direct and constant mists of water. Mist sprinkler heads can be adjusted to travel from 0 degrees to 360 degrees. They provide flexibility in watering specific landscapes.

Rain Sensors

Rain sensors are required by the state of Connecticut. They cut down on the waste of water. They tell the system to stop watering when it starts to rain. It will signal the system to resume programmed schedule when landscape requires water.