Automated, on-site water management provided by the industry’s leading controller technology… now within reach of everyone.

Established in 1945, Weathermatic brings a legacy of innovation:

Soil moisture-sensing controllers in the 1950’s

Rotary gear drive leader beginning in the early 1960’s

ASTM standards for pipe sizing

1st milled, matched precipitation rate nozzle

1st electric solenoid operated valve

1st rain-sensing shut-off device

1st solid-state irrigation controller

1st dial-based irrigation controller

A product line with a pedigree, SmartLine is a family full of firsts with an unmatched combination of features and benefits. SmartLine – it’s about saving time, money, and water.



  • smartline-graph2Modular 4 – 48 zones with only 4 models; slide-in 2-zone modules in the SL800 and 4-zone and 12-zone modules in the SL1600, SL1624, SL4800 provide expandability for every job and changing landscapes
  • Indoor/Outdoor Rated Commercial SL1600, SL1624, SL4800 models keep inventories low with one model for indoor or outdoor use
  • Dial Programming Professional contractors can set up any SmartLine controller in minutes; control panel is removable to allow “in the zone” programming
  • Backlit LCD No flashlight required in dark basements and garages! *
  • Built-in Valve Locator Locate hidden valves by simply listening for the audible chatter of the solenoid created by a unique electrical current (patent pending)
  • On-Board Multi-Meter Displays the electrical current reading of each zone for quick troubleshooting and a proactive approach to maintenance
  • Master Valve/Pump Settings Achieve hydraulic control with settings for zone to zone delays and master valve timing
  • Manual Test Settings in Seconds Complete a walk-thru in a fraction of the normal time by running a manual test set to as little as 10 seconds/zone
  • Omit Times/Days/Dates Automatically comply with local water restrictions; eliminate irrigated water lost to evaporation in the heat of the day; stop irrigation on lawn maintenance days; never water on the date of an annual event (ex: July 4th)
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